After how many uses of the device should it be calibrated again?

After 300 times or when the breathalyzer has been unused for 6 months. See the calibration guide here

How can I delete a measured result?

While holding down selected measured result, you are able to delete it

Can I use measured results in court?

No. Breathalyzers are indicators. Courts demand proof using a blood test.

Why is the BAC range is up to 1.5‰ and doesn't show larger numbers?

This product is meant to test your condition for safe driving. It is not meant for extreme drinking games.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Nominal charging time of a completely empty battery is 3,5 hours using a 5W 5V/1,5A wireless charger.

How many times I can use the breathalyzer after the battery is fully charged?

Up to 110 measurements with a full battery.

I am not a car driver but sometimes I use a scooter, bicycle, or a skateboard. Do I need to use a breathalyzer?

Certainly. In some countries you have to keep within permitted limits to drive a scooter or bicycle. Use your breathalyzer to know what stage you are in. Sometimes attention to our surroundings fades so you might cause an accident with a skateboard too.

Are breathalyzer users alcoholics?

No! Our breathalyzer is created to keep an eye on user blood alcohol limits after a couple of drinks or the morning after a heavy party (read the blog post about hangovers). Organisms are different. Two glasses of wine can be 0.01% BAC to one person and over 0.05% BAC to another person. Just guessing that you know your limit is not very accurate. It's good to check to get know your organism better. If you travel a lot and like great drinks then a breathalyzer is also a must-have, as countries have different permitted limits for driving. Using a breathalyzer shows that you are responsible enough to take care of yourself and others.

Why Bluetooth connection and no headphone jack or other connector option?

Smartphones are increasingly wireless and eliminating input jacks. At the moment, the Bluetooth connection is most convenient.

I shake the breathalyzer and it started to work but my smartphone does not recognize it. What could be wrong?

Your smartphone's Bluetooth connection needs to be turned on. Turn it on and you are all set.